Oh, the magic of hand crafted mouthwatering cakes and tarts made skillfully with flavor and texture combining delicious components, such as sponges, mousses, cream, and crumbles, layer upon layer to create a lovely work of art. Our assortment of made to order cakes would boggle your mind and your sweet tooth

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Our exquisite offering of cookies and treats has something for everyone, delicious handmade treats like the chocolate chip cookies, muffins, blackforest roulade swiss roles and From donuts to macaroons, these pastries really hit the sweet spot. Gooey goodness and buttery crisps will leave you wanting for more

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Oh the good ol meat pies. But that ain’t all. Gusto Destino's menus also features handmade crispy savory and sweet pies. From avocado Brie and butter chicken to apple and lemon meringue, our gourmet pies are one of a kind topped with flaky pastry goodness. Check out our menu

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